Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trouble ahead, trouble behind

I've been having a rough time keeping on track lately. And by that I mean I haven't been able to resist food cravings and offers of junk food very well. I still log my food every day (which is kind of hard when I'm snacking on everything) so I know exactly what I'm doing wrong and how it's costing me. But for some reason I'm indifferent. Same goes for starting to run. It still hasn't fully hit me that I have to run 10 miles in a little over 3 months.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just because I'm absent doesn't mean I'm off-track (for once)

I'd like to say that I'm really proud of myself. For the past week and a half, I've been diligently logging my food and making sure I don't eat too much junk. I've even gotten myself eating breakfast...well, only twice a week, but that's still better than before. And by breakfast, I mean the first meal of the day since I don't usually get up at the normal people breakfast time.

The only part I've been slacking on is the exercise. I officially signed up for my 10 mile trail running/obstacle course race that's in late January so I really have to get my butt into shape. I got winded walking up 3 flights of stairs today. And yesterday I had to walk my bike up the hill to work/school. Oy, this is not good.

I do have the intention of running every day. But The Roommie is rarely home when I get done with work/school and as soon as I plop down on the couch, I'm there to stay. When we were dog-sitting this weekend, I was really good about getting home, putting my bag on the ground, changing, and heading out the door. No stopping to grab something to eat or to watch an episode of "Parenthood". Nada. It was amazing. But when I run on my own I tend to go slower and walk more than with The Roommie. She's faster than me so that makes me want to keep up with her instead of slowing her down. I guess even my slow no-motivation-to-go-fast running is better than no running so I should suck it up and head out the door, but I always have the hope that when she gets home, we'll go together. But by that point I'm already very happily surfing the web or watching TV.

My other somewhat-more-legitimate excuse for sitting still this past week was a super sore/badly messed up ankle. I have no idea what happened (or how it happened) but last Wednesday after soccer I did something to it walking up the one stair to our door and the next thing I remember is lying on my back in the muddy grass at 2 am writhing in pain. I couldn't even move, that's how bad it hurt. I haven't screwed it up that bad in a while. So for the past week I've been hobbling around, "resting" it by not biking and not doing much of anything, except the two soccer games during which I was heavily medicated. So yeah, not that much resting. I guess it would be called selective resting, since I still did all the fun things (soccer) while making excuses not to do the more unpleasant ones (running and biking up that hill to school/work).

So I'm babbling. BUT, other big news...I'm rejoining the college racquetball team! I played a bit last fall but got really frustrated by my complete suckage. I don't ever remember being that bad at a sport. It doesn't help that I have no depth perception and I've never really played any racquet sports, but still. It's an athletic activity involving coordination and reading an opponent's moves. I should be amazing at this! And instead, a few times I wanted to leave the court crying. But I miss it so I'm going to give it another shot. Once the ankle heals, of course.