My ultimate goal: to finally be happy with who I am.

Ideally, I have a certain goal weight in mind (don’t we all?), which is listed in steps below. But, I’m more so looking to gain confidence and contentment in my life. So here’s to that!

Instead of going straight to the number goals, I'm trying a new approach this time around, which is what I did with partial success the first time I legitimately gave this losing weight thing a shot.

Moderation and steps are key, instead of jumping in head first. Habits take a while to form, so I'm going to try to get used to something before adding on another activity/goal. And here's the plan:

  • Have at most two consecutive rest days. If I sit on my butt for more than that, I get crabby.
  • Aim for 4-5 days of exercise weekly, with at least one day of running.
  • Mix it up! If I don't feel like biking, go running. If neither of those sound appealing, maybe a vigorous hike will do.
  • Push myself at least one day a week on the bike, preferably with intervals or going hard up a hill.
  • Try to strength train my upper body 2-3 times a week.
  • It's ok to skip a day of exercise here or there when I'm exhausted. Otherwise I'm going to burn out.

      And now onto the weight goals (1.0 lb per week): 

      Current Weight (3/14/14): 153.0
      Maximum Weight (2/27/12): 224.0
      Goal Weight (7/9/14): 140.0

      Mini Goals:
      211 - 1/16/13 - 5% Lost Accomplished 1/19/13!
      199 - 3/13/13 - Onederland Accomplished 3/16/13!
      188 - 5/22/13 - Halfway-ish There Accomplished 5/18/13!
      177 - 7/10/13 - Just Plain "Overweight" Accomplished 7/11/13!
      166 - 10/2/13 - College Minimum Accomplished 10/19/13!
      156 - 3/18/14 - Last Ten or So Accomplished 3/11/14!
      147 - 5/21/14 - Finally "Normal"
      140 - 7/9/14 - GOAL!

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