Thursday, April 29, 2010

I say this every time

Obviously I haven't been around much on here posting and all that. In fact, you can safely say I fell off the wagon hard-core. I haven't been tracking my food, I've been drinking too much beer, and I go out to eat WAY too much. Most importantly, I've done NOTHING for my triathlon training. So screwed...

I did buy a road bike a couple weeks ago and have been taking it out every day that it's not raining. In that respect, there's exercise happening. But, there's no breakfast ever, and rarely do I cook something nutritious. It seems like this weight-loss business is an all-or-nothing kind of thing for me. I either log my food religiously, plan out every meal, and stay away from snacks. OR I go back to my previous lifestyle. And this usually happens after I've lost a few pounds. I can never get past the 10-lb lost mark. Hmf.

So I begin anew. Maybe a new blog template will help :)

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