Sunday, May 19, 2019

Back, back again

A lot has happened since I've last posted and as most people do, I fell off the wagon. Life got in the way as did a bit of grief and barely making it through each day, let alone worrying about my weight.

I'm starting to see a little bit of light at the end of my tunnel and I don't feel like I'm drowning every day anymore. I figure it's about time I started taking care of myself again, so I finally stepped on the scale after being off it for 2+ years.

Drum roll please...I'm up to 180, which I kind of figured would be the case based on how my clothes fit and somewhat recent pictures of myself:

I keep reminding myself of how far I've come, as I'm still down 45+ pounds from my highest weight. To have only regained ~30 pounds is not bad considering how little exercise and calorie counting I've been doing the last three years.

It also feels so manageable to lose that weight. It's only a loss of 1/2 a pound per week on average and I'm in no rush to get it off. It took me 2 years of solid work to get to my goal weight so I can take it slowly this time and not stress out too much.

I love the perspective I gained the first time around and the peace I have with my body even in its current state. I also know what I need to do to lose weight so it's easier in that I don't have to spend extra time figuring everything out.

I know exactly how to get this weight off, which foods I enjoy, how to make them, and which forms of exercise work for me. I also know how to be hungry because I've met my calorie target for the day, and how to prioritize which junk foods are worth the extra calories.

In a way, this'll be a little easier, and I'm excited to get fit again! Because more than being skinny, I miss being in shape.

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