Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

Again, I've been gone for a while, but that doesn't mean that I've fallen off the wagon, as was the case last time. Instead, I just haven't been posting much lately. I mean, I haven't been very careful with what I eat, often buying take-out instead of cooking at home, but I'm still food-logging for the most part and trying to cut down on junk food, as much as I can.

I think I'm going to restart the SparkPeople program from the beginning and really do what they suggest, focusing on the little things instead of trying to do everything at once. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl, but obviously that's not working too well for me lately. So yeah, that's that.

Triathlon training starts pretty soon and I'm not really looking forward to it. Oh well. I said I'd do it, I wanna do it, so I'm GONNA do it.

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