Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calorie counting makes me OCD

This time silence does mean I've fallen off the wagon. I've stopped calorie counting, which has made the biggest difference in my weight-loss efforts (see my weight graph). The reason behind that is that I get super obsessive about making sure I have the right amounts and the right weights that I have to search out the correct food label for everything and account for every little bit of stuff added to a recipe. The hardest part (and the one that bothers me the most) is figuring out how many calories and nutrients are in a bowl of my mom's soup, since I don't actually eat all the veggies that I cook with, and I have no idea how calorific my home-made chicken stock really is. And that drives me nuts!

So my attitude of all-or-nothing makes me want to quit doing it altogether. I know approximations are better than not counting at all, but I also know that they're not very accurate (hence the term). Thus I can't be sure if I'm actually eating the right amount. And then I can't compare my calories in to calories out. And then this whole weight-loss process becomes as big of a mystery as it always used to be.

I have no closing/comforting words to end this post, except to think that I'm going to have to start calorie counting if I want this weight to come off. Ugh. I'll start tomorrow ;)

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