Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ramping up the metabolism

I read this article called "How to get your metabolism moving" on CNN about little health tips to speed up that darn metabolism. For the most part, it's pretty straight-forward and stuff I already knew, but here are some bullet points to help myself remember the important parts:

  • A pound of muscle at rest burns three times as many calories as a pound of fat.
  • 45 minutes of any sweat-inducing exercise increases your resting metabolic rate for 14 hours after the workout (190 calories for a group in a study on average).
  • A sleepless night reduces your resting metabolic rate by about 5% several hours into the next day.
  • The morning after skipping sleep, you burn 20% fewer calories from diet-induced thermogenesis.
  • Low blood sugar levels cause the breakdown of tissue to turn it into glucose to feed the brain, which in essence leaves you with less muscle which slows down the metabolism.

And now onto the tips for eating differently:

  • Eat smaller meals with 100- to 200-calorie snacks in between to keep blood sugar levels even.
  • Have a small snack (peanut butter on a graham cracker) to get your metabolism working while you sleep.

Like I said, pretty straight-forward but worth putting into list form so it's easier to reference.

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