Monday, May 3, 2010

Beaming with pride

I'm getting much better at this self-control bit. My calories have been within range and I've been moving around a lot, which gives me an over-1000 calorie deficit. It's probably not that good of a thing since I heard at that point your body goes into starvation mode, but I just can't make myself eat 3000 calories in a healthy way. So I've been hitting 1800-1900 lately and hopefully I don't hit a plateau this early in the game.

This weekend was very busy for me. Well, Sunday was. I was very proud of myself on Saturday because after we came home from the bars, I only ate two pieces of chocolate and didn't have any more beer! Usually, I would've inhaled the whole chocolate bar and probably drank myself into oblivion. But, I came home, logged the beer I drank at the bar and the two pieces of chocolate I ate at home (I'd been craving brownies all day and was too drunk to drive to the store to pick up brownie mix so I had to settle on chocolate). After looking at my calorie totals for the day (2239) and getting my burn totals from my GWF (2382), I decided I can't afford any more junk calories and went to bed instead. It took a while for me to get to that conclusion...there was probably a 5-minute internal debate going on about how I don't want to go to sleep but would rather eat and drink more. But reason and weight-loss-will-power won out and I went to bed. Good thing, since I had trouble getting up the next morning. I don't even want to know what a couple more beers would've done to me.

The next day, Sunday, I subbed in goal for a friend's soccer league. Apparently I played really well and they'll definitely invite me back if they need me again. Yay! And a bigger yay is that I burned 800 calories during the 1.5 long game. 800 calories! Standing in goal! That's awesome. I didn't think that was going to happen. Apparently warming up and diving around and punting all the time made a huge difference. So yeah. My GWF rocks.

My endurance, on the other hand, does not. The few times I had to run after the ball, I got so ridiculously winded that I am incredibly worried about the running part of the tri. I think I'm going to try to get at least three runs in a week no matter how much I hate it. There's no other way to get in decently good shape in four weeks. All I need to do is be fit enough to run three miles in four weeks, and six miles in eight weeks. Totally doable, right? WRONG! But I'm definitely going to try.

Then there was Pound & Round Softball in the evening (I know, I was super busy) which involves playing softball with a tennis ball and drinking heavily. Last week, I was pounding back beers the whole game, but since I decided to only drink once a week and Saturday was the day, I limited myself to only drinking when I was on-base and it was worth something (major difference between P&R and real softball is if you finish a beer while on the bases and cross home plate with an empty can, the run is worth two points). And since our team needs all the help it can get, I figured two beers is a sacrifice I can make. So yeah, go me for having self-control.

In short, this weekend was very successful when it comes to will-power and getting active. I didn't really miss much of what I didn't have, which is great, so I need to continue this mindset. I have two games of kickball tonight, which are beer-filled events, but one or two beers totally isn't worth it, so I will refrain. Should be easy enough, right?

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