Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post-tri life changes

Ever since the tri this weekend, I haven't been me, in a good way. I've been getting up at an adult hour every day and going to bed before midnight (although I don't fall asleep til 1 at least...damn insomnia). More specifically, I've been FORCING myself to go to bed before midnight. But it feels so good!

I've also been craving exercise and trying to get something in each day. My beer consumption has gone way down, partially because those calories just aren't worth it. We had a rugby tourney this past Saturday and while everyone was getting blitzed off free beer, I didn't have a drop. Part of that was having to do a tri the next day, but most of the reasons were because I just didn't want it. Same with going out later that day.

I have a soccer game tonight and it's pretty early so we'll probably stay after and hang out at the bar. Usually that means I get completely blitzed, but I'm not feeling it again. WTF. What is wrong with me?

That'll probably change once we actually get there and beer is offered, but for now, that's my reasoning. I need to save myself (and some calories) for this weekend when the rugby team is working the beer tent and beer flows a-plenty. That should be absolutely ridiculous!

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