Sunday, November 8, 2009

About Me

I’m starting this to document my feelings, successes, and stresses throughout this weight-loss journey. Hopefully it’ll help keep me on track and motivated.

I’m 5′4″ and 220 pounds. I have been overweight my entire life, but have never let myself go this much to the point of being very obese. I’m a very athletic person despite my size, having played soccer my whole life until I went to college. Then I switched to rugby and have stuck with that ever since. Now I’ve picked up racquetball and swimming since we’re out of season. Even with all these activities, I've managed to gain lots of weight, mostly due to my love of chocolate, ice cream, and beer. So I'm trying to cut down on those (especially the last one) and increase the exercise to get to my happy place.

I remember being a junior in high school and thinking I was grossly fat at 155 lbs. Losing the 20 pounds to make myself feel thin seemed so impossible. And here I am at 220 wishing I was that skinny all over again, and facing to lose about 80 to be at my goal weight of 140 lbs.

So today, November 9, 2009, is the day I REALLY begin my weight-loss journey!

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