Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slacking off again

I've been feeling really down lately and haven't been doing any exercise. I didn't sleep much last night (went to bed at 6 am and had to get up at 9) so when I got home from class I passed out and woke up at 8ish. Oy. The vicious cycle of being nocturnal continues...

I went to physical therapy for my shoulder this morning. I'd overslept my last appointment so I REALLY had to get up and not miss this one. I was very spoiled with my PT guy in Connecticut so I didn't really think anyone could compare to his knowledge and competency. But the lady I met today was pretty good. She went over my MRI results with me, something my douchebag doctor hadn't bothered to do (another reason I don't trust that he has my best interests in mind) so it was nice to finally figure out why my shoulder's been throbbing. I'm really glad I insisted on the MRI in the first place because it definitely gave me a much better idea of what is going on in there.

The exercises she suggested were really simple but exhausting at the same time. I hate that PT people know exactly what muscles, tendons, and ligaments to isolate. I've never been so sore after using a 2 lb dumbbell. BUT I now have the stretchy rubber band thingies that I can use to strengthen up my ankles. She also doesn't need to see me more than once a week, which is great since it'll come out much cheaper this way. All in all, a very productive session. Now I just have to get my butt to the gym to do these things.

Italian was boring boring, mostly because I was so tired that I couldn't focus. We got our tests back and I'd missed the super easy parts I already knew. So now I have to get my butt into gear to make sure I keep an A in the class. And by that I mean that I actually have to study instead of just going out drinking the night before.

And then I slept. Maggie suggested we start the C25K thing today, but that obviously didn't happen. I HATE running, so I have no idea how I'm going to get started on this program and actually stick with it. I mean, it's only 20 minutes of torture, which is so insignificant in the long scheme of things, but I just can't get the motivation to get started. Oy...I just need to get over myself.

Also, after reading 3FC threads about post-weight loss bellies, I'm super worried. I don't want a saggy belly after busting my butt losing 80 pounds. WTF. I'd rather be a little fat and not have pregnancy sag. The results all depend on the a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be one of the people with ugly bellies. My goal for this weightloss is to be able to wear a bikini, but that doesn't seem likely with what people are predicting. Maybe it's just the extreme cases that posted on that thread and most people don't have a problem with it, but I'm really worried. I don't want that! But first, I have to get down to that size to see if it'll actually affect me. Maybe my youth (right...for once I'm saying I'm still young) will help, but I've been obese for a while and I'm not sure my skin is all that elastic. I mean, my face looks a lot more damaged than most people my age. But then again, I've never exposed my stomach to the sun, so there may be hope. I don't expect to lose this weight fast, so I think that may also be to my advantage. Ok, enough of that.

Now I'm going back to watching Gossip Girl and then some melatonin for sleep.

P.S. I was semi-good today with eating well (mostly cuz I was asleep all day), but I just had a Snickers out of boredom. I need to get out of the house more and be busy so I don't snack all the time!

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