Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Me, as of 9/22/10

I'm a 26 year-old rugby player, triathlete, racquetball junkie, and general sports fanatic who just happens to be severely--and perhaps even morbidly--obese. How did that happen? Well, I love beer, ice cream, and chocolate, and not necessarily in that order.

You'd think that with all these sports in my life I would have no trouble losing weight. And the fact that I live in super active Colorado shouldn't hurt either, right? Wrong! Instead of becoming more active after moving here, I've become an even bigger couch potato. I don't know if it's intimidation due to the extreme amount of exercising people do out here or just pure laziness, but this has got to stop.

I've tried a lifestyle change many times, most notably by beginning this blog in November 2009, losing some weight, gaining it back, getting a GoWear Fit (calorie-counter thingamabob that sits on your arm), losing 10 pounds, then gaining it back, and more recently, training for a few triathlons and races, losing 15 pounds and gaining even more back. I wish I could just get the hint and figure it all out, but, alas, I've struggled.

So I'm renewing my commitment to a healthy, and hopefully thinner, lifestyle. I'm at the point where I avoid mirrors and can't look at pictures of myself. That's really scary for me since even though I've been big all my life, I've never been this ashamed of my body. And now I'm hoping to go to Belize for a month in May and/or June where I will be wearing a bathing suit (or at least skirt and tank top) the whole time so I want to feel comfortable when I'm there. I don't need to be "hot", I just want to be happy.

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