Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Vegas

I think I'm going to stay away from TNT for now. There's no way I see myself raising $5000 (I checked with the people and that's how much it is to go to Florida), and even if I could, I would much rather use it on a Habitat trip to Africa. There's also no way I would make it out to Denver two times a week just to do a workout. Having to do something every day is trying enough for me.

So as it stands, I'm going to go on my own (well, with Maggie) and see where that takes me. We live in Boulder, so it shouldn't be too hard to find people train with. The local tri club does runs and bikes every week, and I just found out that they also do swims, albeit at 6:30 in the morning. So hopefully I'll be able to get in on that and get some instruction. I don't think I need too much of that since I'm a fairly good swimmer, but it'd be nice to get some feedback on my stroke. I kind of wish we lived in Denver (let's add another reason to this list of why Denver is better than Boulder) since their club seems much more organized, actually has a coach for sure (the same guy who coaches the TNT team), and I figure more normal-looking people actually join and do these things instead of the emaciated housewives that flock to endurance sports in this town. But, I figure Boulder knows what it's doing so it should be enough.

So yeah, I'm actually getting a bit excited about this triathlon bit, even though I haven't done much for it yet. I'm also thinking of signing up for another Olympic one in June since it's about an hour away and it'd be nice to have something to do after this April one in Vegas. And it's going to be at even higher altitude than Boulder, so we'll have something to work towards instead of just improving our time. And I really like their logo, which is part of the reason I'm so excited about participating. I know it'll be hell being so high up, but I think it'll also be a great challenge. The funny thing is I talk about being so excited to get fit and all that jazz, yet I've been dreading even starting C25K for a while now. In my mind it's great, but actually doing all this fitness scares me and I wish I could avoid all the pain.

The new resolution now is to join the Boulder Tri Club and follow some triathlon plan, either the one in the book, one from, or one recommended by BTC. I figure if I exercise even a bit, then I'll be better off than doing nothing. Also, I think we may substitute the running portions with some later weeks of C25K since I kind of need to ease into running, mostly because I hate it so much and need something bearable to keep me going, but also because I'm so out of shape in that respect.

Ok, now I need to start packing for Cancun, since I leave tomorrow and have done absolutely NOTHING to prepare. Granted, all I need is a bathing suit and flip-flops, but it'd be nice to remember important things such as my passport as well.

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