Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 1 at the gym!

I finally made it to the gym, albeit for only 30 minutes. But still, that's better than I've been doing lately. Maggie and I did a bit of lifting, til my left shoulder started hurting pretty badly so I finished up with abs and some shoulder-specific exercises. As always, we were messing around most of the time, so that kinda needs to change in order to make our work-out more efficient. But at least it's step one in starting this whole weight-loss exercise thing.

Of course, after we came home, we popped open a beer and some ice cream, but again, it was only one beer so I'm slowly working up my willpower. I guess you can't go from 0 to 60 in a day. Turning down things will totally take time. AND I also bought a watch for the C25K, so although I'm not quite running yet, there's really nothing else that stands in the way. That is, besides me absolutely HATING running. But hopefully I'll get over that.

I'm still kinda freaked out about the whole loose skin on the belly thing when it comes to losing weight, but after seeing myself in the mirror at the gym today, I was totally disgusted and would take having loose skin any day over the way I look now. I guess at this point I'm more worried about the "batwings" people describe since those are a bit harder to hide than some belly flab. What's sad is that even though I may lose all this weight, I still won't be able to wear a bikini...and that's one of my major motivators. Boo.

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