Monday, November 16, 2009

Triathlon anyone?

This weekend was quite ridiculous. Our rugby prom was held last night (Saturday), and as always, it was a shitshow. Friday night was also pretty crazy since we went to a show and got pretty hammered. And today after our rugby team meeting/elections, a few people stayed behind and we made an early Thanksgiving dinner, except with chicken.

Anywhos, I was way off plan and didn't count anything that I put into my mouth. I also haven't been wearing my GWF, so the results for the last two days will be so skewed that I may as well throw out any data. Oh well. It's time to start anew on Monday. At least that's what I say every week. Maggie said she wants to give up drinking, or at least give up excessive drinking until August, so that'll make my beer habit a little more manageable since now I'll have someone around all the time who turns down a beer after dinner. That'll be really nice.

Also, we decided that we're going to start training for a triathlon. I want something tangible to work towards with my exercise and I absolutely HATE running (even though that's my current LJ theme...details). So the natural choice would be a triathlon where I can do some swimming and cycling, two things I love to do, and only do a bit of running. One day I'd like to do the IronMan just for bragging purposes, but I don't think that'll ever happen since it's a lot of swimming, even more biking, and a marathon of running at the end. AND it lasts about 10 hours if not more. I'd get bored so fast!

I've been looking online for some training programs since there's an abundance of them for marathons and general running, but everything is paid for the triathlon programs. And I'm not serious enough to put money into this quite yet. Right now I'm looking to just finish, and maybe if I really get into it then I'll invest in a better training program and maybe even a road bike. Right now I plan on using my shitty mountain bike that's bulky and doesn't really switch gears all that well. I really need to get it fixed so then maybe I'll actually start biking (or going) to work more often.

Alright, enough of this. I should get to bed since it's 3 am and I REALLY have to be efficient at work tomorrow since, for the first time at this job (I think) I have a deadline. Yay being a real adult!

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