Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I really should lay off the beer

There are too many reasons to count as to why I should stop drinking beer, or at least limit my intake, but one of the major ones was brought to my attention last night.

Post-beer, I eat excessively even when I'm not tipsy.

I'd only had two cans of Coors Light (horse piss, if you ask me) in the span of an hour on a full stomach, so I was nowhere near buzzed. BUT when I came home, I still stuffed my face with a whole box of pretzels. WTF. I wasn't even drunk! Why did I still need to eat mindlessly?

This may've been a subconscious reaction or habit after drinking (I am known to make elaborate meals after a night on the town) or I may really crave food or be hungry like all these studies say. Regardless, I need to develop new habits which involve making a salad, if anything. I remember one time we (The Roommie and I) roasted some vegetables* after a friend's birthday celebration instead of munching on chips and bread, which is our usual M.O. So that was an improvement. The next step is skipping food altogether and going to bed.

Part of the problem with that is I like to come home and watch mindless TV as I sit on the couch and ponder the great mysteries of life. So I'm still up and of course my reasoning is that I need something to munch on, and it has to be deliciously bad for me. For a while we had a bowl of clementines positioned by the couch so when we got "hungry" while watching TV and needed something to eat, at least the closest thing to reach for was a healthy and relatively low-calorie fruit. But those are all gone and now I scavenge. So I need to go to the store and get some more snacks/fruit like that.

Maybe a mini-fridge with celery and carrots would be the next step in correcting this problem. Or I could just set these things out before leaving the house in anticipation of my ravenous drunken hunger. Now that's a thought.

*I told you I like cooking when inebriated, and the more potential for danger, the better. One time I made home-made french fries, having never made them before in my life. The only way I remembered the next morning was because I had to clean up the giant pan of oil and the slices of potatoes lying all around the kitchen counters. So lucky nothing burned down and neither did we. Yikes!

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