Sunday, January 16, 2011

What to change?

I was reading a thread on the forums of 3 Fat Chicks (3FC) about changing habits and how long it takes to form new ones. Another point that was brought up and discussed was whether our food addictions or our bad habits ever go away, or if it's a lifelong struggle to give up certain things and talk yourself out of that extra donut.

A lot of people mentioned that they've given up soda or fried food or cut something unhealthy out of their diet and that's done wonders for their weight-loss, which got me thinking...

I honestly don't know why I'm fat. There is not one thing that is a calorie sink for me. I don't really like junk food or soda. I really do prefer a healthy meal over something greasy and fried. And I've played sports my entire life. So why am I fat?

I guess my problem with understanding my eating habits is that I don't generally eat unhealthy food. I can't remember the last time I went to McDonald's or Taco Bell or any fast food place like that. (I also can't remember the last time I was in an elevator, which is kind of weird.) I also don't think I've ever bought soda. When I snack on store-bought things, it's usually "healthy" stuff, obviously not just veggies otherwise I wouldn't have this weight problem, but rather things whose ingredient list I can pronounce and understand. I don't fry everything (or anything for that matter) and generally stay away from high-fat recipes. I've also noticed that I don't eat much meat, which definitely cuts down on calorie intake.

I like to think that these habits are the reason I don't have any health issues and my blood pressure and pulse are super low. But I think my time of great health is running out and I can't rely on luck to stay out of trouble. I need to fix something to ensure this streak lasts for much longer. But what do I change?

After tracking my calories for the past couple of years (sometimes daily, sometimes sporadically) I've concluded that it must be my portion sizes that are the problem. And I'm also wrong in assuming that the only bad and calorie-rich things are the processed foods at the store or at a fast food joint. Just because something is healthy and home-made doesn't mean I should eat three helpings of it, even if it is organic free-range beef stew. Those calories add up!

I guess those realizations are key to understanding where to go from here. In short, there is not one thing I can cut out from my diet, but instead, I just need to eat less. Oh, and lay off the beer.

Simple, right?

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