Friday, January 14, 2011

My first organic food delivery

I got a little impatient waiting until June to get organic food from local farms, so I found a place (Door to Door Organics) that does the same thing but year-round. And it seems like a better deal in that you can cancel any week you want and you can also substitute up to three foods that will be delivered to your house (yes, it's getting delivered, and yes, I know in advance what I'm getting). The price is also pretty reasonable considering how much food I'm getting and I can also choose to do half veg half fruit, instead of having to commit to up to 20 weeks of veg and also buying a fruit commitment separately. And all of this can be changed on a week by week basis so one week I can get all veggies and another week, all fruit. I can do whatever my pretty little heart desires.

So this morning I got a message telling me I'd be getting the following come Monday:
2 ea. Yams
1 ea. Yellow Onion
1 ea. Broccoli bunch
1 ea. Yellow Bell Pepper
1 ea. White Mushrooms 8oz
2 ea. Anjou Pears
2 ea. Pink Lady Apples
2 ea. Navel Oranges
1 ea. Avocado

And I promptly substituted the following:
1 ea. Mango for 1 ea. Avocado
4 ea. Bananas for 2 ea. Navel Oranges
2 ea. Gala Apples for 2 ea. Pink Lady Apples

Now I need to start thinking of recipes for all these things. Luckily The Roommie is coming back this weekend, otherwise I'd be worried about eating all this food. And here I was thinking the Bitty Box wouldn't be enough for the week...

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