Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Powder and organic food

Snowboarding this weekend was FUN! I only ended up riding on Saturday because I was too exhausted and/or hungover to do anything productive on Sunday so I slept in the car as my friends hit up the powder in the morning. I'm still super sore from the few hours out on the slopes, and in the most random places...like the outside of my right elbow. Weird.

In other news, I've been mulling over the idea of signing up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. I've lived here for over two years and I have yet to make it to a farmer's market. Part of that is due to my sleeping habits (I don't wake up early enough on Saturdays) but I also absolutely hate grocery shopping and don't usually plan too far ahead with my meals, which is something I need to change. It's also much more convenient to go to the grocery store when I want/need to instead of just when the farmer's market is open.

So in order to take full advantage of the abundance of farms around here, I think I'm pretty set on investing in organic food straight from the fields. That's essentially what a CSA is. Here's a write-up from Cure Organic Farm Community, the place from where I will most likely be getting my veggies and fruit:
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is based on a simple principle: connecting people to their local food source. When you join a CSA you are entering into a partnership that is dedicated to bringing fresh, organic produce directly from our fields to your table each week. Your membership helps to pay for seeds, water, equipment and labor in the early season when expenses are high and income is low. In return, the farm provides just picked seasonal produce each week beginning in June, for 20 weeks for our CSA members.
Ideally, I would like to get sign up with a different place that's been family owned for over 70 years, but this farm seems to have greater variety as well as a longer season. And it's cheaper. Not much, but combined with the other two reasons, it's enough to make me use them instead.

I think this'll be a great way to get some organic food in my diet for a relatively low price (it comes out to about $20/week) and also I'll actually have to go to the farmer's market this year since that's where the food pick-up will be. And I really do need to start going so I can get some cucumbers that are small enough to pickle. The only bummer is I have to wait until June for this fresh awesomeness to arrive. In the meantime, it's butternut squash and potatoes for me.

It's kind of funny that I'm wishing for summer, since it's been single digits over here and there's still about a foot of snow on the ground. And I love it, yet I can't wait until it warms up again and I can sit outside in the yard and swing in my hammock.

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