Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a "not me" kind of day

It's my friend's birthday today so she invited me out for Happy Hour to celebrate, and I was kind of worried. Part of the reason is because calorie counting is super hard when out at a restaurant (I have no idea how many calories the dishes have) and it's also so easy to over-eat with the tiny portions being passed around everywhere. Ay ay ay!

In preparation and anticipation, I did the second day of C210K to try to get at least a little bit of the calories burned off, even if it was about 200 (if that). It took a lot of motivation to get out the door today since it was way cold and way snowy/icy. I'm hoping that those are the reasons I was so slow but I'm pretty sure it was my lack of happiness about being outside. Recently I noticed that the more excited and/or happy I am about running, the faster I go. And the more I don't want to be out there, the closer my jog resembles a walk. It's funny how much attitude changes my entire run.

Anywhos, I finished fine and got ready to head out for Happy Hour. In order to try to stick to my drink-only-once-a-week rule, I told myself I wouldn't have anything tonight and celebrate for many people's birthdays in style on Friday. And since I'd been so successful on Monday turning down a beer at the bar, I figured it'd be a piece of cake. But then the waiter came around as soon as I sat down and asked what I wanted, so of course I caved and ordered a red sangria. BUT, I only had two, which is somewhat of an accomplishment because I probably would've had another at the end of Happy Hour if my voice of reason hadn't kicked in.

Even with just those two drinks in me, I got the usual insane urge to stuff myself with corn, or wheat, or something equally non-nutritious. So I headed down to the grocery store to pick up my favorite corn flakes (after months of searching, I finally found the perfect natural corn flakes that taste so delicious). I hit every red light and had to wait for pedestrians at practically ever turn, so it took forever and I was getting impatient. And just a block away from the store, I turned down the wrong street. Grr! At that point I realized it's not worth it and I should go home. So I did. I guess I didn't need those corn flakes after-all, and same goes for the pretzels that are sitting in a bag in my room. Looks like I really am making progress here.

And now I'm going to do something equally "not me" and head to bed a little after 8 pm. So goodnight!

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