Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New personal best... being a sloth.

My GoWear Fit software has this pretty cool feature that keeps track of my personal bests in different categories, such as calories burned, amount of physical activity, etc. And when I've reached a new personal best in one of the recognized categories, a little "Notifications" box pops up at login congratulating me on whatever I accomplished.

For example, it's pretty cool to see that I burned 5892 calories on the day of my Olympic distance triathlon or that my armband was worn for 25 hours on November 1, 2009 (yay, end of Daylight Savings time!).

But even though the website thinks it's a personal best, that doesn't always mean it should be celebrated, such as this "personal best" I received yesterday:

And a close-up:

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that. I can't say that I'm too proud of this accomplishment, but I'm still going to claim the digital trophy I got for it.

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