Thursday, January 27, 2011


I haven't been posting about this much, but as of this morning, I've successfully made it to two full weeks of 6 am swim workouts! On the other hand, I haven't run in a week. But I will focus on the positives and say that I'm quite impressed with my dedication to this new activity.

I think part of it is the realization that I'm a super slow swimmer and really need to work on my speed and technique in order to make this season's triathlons not suck hard-core. The race swims don't necessarily tire me out, mostly because I swim at the equivalent pace of a walk compared to a run, but it's just demoralizing to get out of the water dead last. And after today's group swim, where I was lapped within 50 meters of the warm-up by most of the rest of the group, I realize I really need to work on this! Good thing I've been so determined to make it to these practices...

I also need to get my endurance up to a reasonable level, and I think the way to do that is by running consistently. Another added bonus is the extra calorie burn that it adds to my day, which I could totally use. I've been super slacking with running because I can't seem to coordinate a good time to go with my roommate. Swimming's been easy because there is a set class I need to go to otherwise I don't get a workout.

So the plan is to give myself a structured workout time and stick with it. Like, no more of this "I'll get three runs in this week sometime" and instead figure out what days I'm going to be running and make a list of specific runs I will do during that time. I need to do the same kind of thing for catching up with my schoolwork and work work, so maybe tomorrow I'll do a life planning session. That should help.

Speaking of lists, I also need to inventory our fridge because we have an obscene amount of food in there that is going to go bad pretty soon. The freezer needs the same kind of not-quite-yet-spring cleaning, but that's not nearly as urgent.

The run to the grocery store a couple days ago for meatloaf ingredients (namely, beef) turned into a beet craving that resulted in not only beet soup stuffs but also grapes and carrots and cheese get the point. Couple that with the large home delivery of veggies we received on Monday, and you can imagine the state of our refrigerator. In short, it's full. The good news is that it's full of veggies. (And pancake batter, but that should be gone by the end of the day.)

So I've been putting off this task of figuring out exactly what we have so nothing goes bad. That should force me to make a menu for myself, which I've been meaning to do for weeks, but it's not great timing since I'm gone for the whole weekend and won't really make use of anything in our house. Bummer.

Oh, and I am dangerously close to being less than 50% fat! This morning I came in at close I can almost taste it. So in 10 days, I have
  • Lost 5.2 pounds total,
  • Gone from 51.9% to 50.1% fat,
  • Lost 6.4 pounds of fat, and
  • Gained 1.2 pounds of lean mass.
This is awesome!

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