Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3FC post to my BL loser team

I just posted an update to my BL team on 3FC and I figure it sums up my life and feelings pretty well right now. So here it goes:

I just got back into town on Saturday after spending the better part of 3 weeks visiting the folks for the holidays. And since then I've really ramped up the weight-loss plan.

I have a GWF, so I've been wearing it religiously again, and I recently got into SparkPeople, so I've also been diligently jotting down my food. It definitely makes me eat less for sure because I finally see how much junk I put into my mouth. Same goes for exercising (the eating less afterwards part), since I don't want to nullify all the progress I've made through torturing myself in the gym by eating "just one bite" of something I don't really want anyways. Next step is getting back to cooking, or more likely, learning to enjoy cooking.

So that's that. The triathlon training is in full swing, and I'm getting somewhat intimidated since I slacked off the first two weeks and now I'm that far behind. It wouldn't be a problem if I was already in shape since the first 6 weeks are designed for getting you into decent shape and the subsequent weeks are for building on that, but I'm essentially starting out as a couch potato. The good news is that I have other sports planned for the evenings, so that should add some extra conditioning into my morning workouts.

I guess because of that, I'm kind of worried that I'm spreading myself too thin at this point, and very scared that I won't be able to finish the tri at all. Since we've just started the official training, I think the magnitude of the whole thing has really sunk in and it's not a pipe dream anymore. And that's overwhelming. I'm going to see if I can possibly drop down to the next shortest race (about half of what I'm planning now) so that'll be a possibility if it all gets too stressful.

I guess I just have a lot on my plate, from work, to school, to activities, to life, and that's the complete opposite of what my life's been like lately. I mean, I spent 3 weeks lounging at home in Southern California. Working, but still lounging. And before that, I maybe had one to two things going on weekly. Now I'm up to 6 days a week, essentially going from 0 to 60, which will be a bit of an adjustment. But I think I'll like it. If not, I can always cut something out. And none of these things take more than an hour anyways, so it's not that big of a deal.

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