Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Progress for real

I hit 217.5 today (again)! That's awesome since it probably means that that's my real weight, at least for now. I had that show up on Sunday, which was a nice surprise, but then on Monday I went to 219.5, half a pound more than I'd weighed in over the weekend. It didn't make sense til I remembered that I had had Safeway pizza the night before and the saltiness of it probably drove the weight up. But yesterday's beer had no effect on my weight. Or it did and I weigh even less than 217.5, which would be even more awesome. This is starting to make sense with the GWF numbers since I've had large deficits but not so much weight-loss. On that note, I need to start eating more daily since over-1000 calorie deficits are not healthy! Maybe that's why I've been so irritable, sad, and stressed lately. Or I'm just PMSing. Regardless, I can't make myself eat more when I've had 1600-1800 calories. I feel like that should totally be enough and I should treasure that deficit instead of killing it by stuffing my face more.

Anywhos, enough about numbers. I couldn't get to sleep last night, but was surprisingly perky this morning. That energy died by 2-ish and I took a nap from 3 to 7. Not a good idea since I already have problems sleeping as it is. But hopefully a large dose of melatonin in an hour or so will help overcome that. I wanna get up for work early enough tomorrow to be able to bike there and stay there, so as long as I'm out of bed by 9:30 I should be alright. Next step is getting up early enough for breakfast, but maybe that's asking too much. Lunch may have to be an Odwalla bar since I don't have anything cooked or made, but I may be able to borrow a bagel from my roommate and add some more substance than a 350 calorie energy bar. My tummy gets hungry when I have to think. And there's going to be a lot of thinking this week since I have to give my boss an update on something I haven't done quite yet but told him I did. Oops.

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