Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One day at a time

Being back in town has started off really good for me. I've been really good about resisting pretzels and other junk foods. We did go to Noodles yesterday and I ate 950 calories for dinner. Halfway through my plate, I thought that I should've ordered the small size because the regular was just so big, but instead of putting it aside and stopping, I continued stuffing my face. It was just soooo good. BUT since I hadn't eaten breakfast, I was still 700 calories below my burn. Yay in a not-so-healthy kind of way.

As for exercise, Sunday we went on a long bike ride, then swam, then biked some more. I was so exhausted that I couldn't even bring myself to post on here. Yesterday I planned an "off" day but got invited to broomball, and who can pass that up? We were supposed to go swim/run this morning before class, but neither of us wanted to get out of bed, so that didn't happen. Our house is just too cold, and the blankets are so warm... The alternative to that is swimming tonight, which at first I wrote off because I'm lazy and didn't wanna do anything (hence sleeping through our morning workout), but then I read the triathlon mentoring thread I belong to, and the mentor said I should consider switching down to the sprint since I'd voiced some concern about being ready for the Olympic distance in April. Well, that about sealed it and now I am doing the Oly FOR SURE! I will prove you wrong, buddy. Even if it kills me.

Our bike ride on Sunday was kind of depressing in that we did a 1-2% grade and I was DYING. Like, my lungs were on fire, my quads were exhausted, and I was miserable. The whole time I was thinking. how the hell am I going to make it up 4% grade for 2 miles biking and then run that same steepness? Ay ay ay! But I still have 3 months to train for this, and all I want to do is finish, so there is hope. And if I take it one day at a time, then I should be alright.

Physically, I felt soooo good after that workout on Sunday, but it was emotionally demoralizing. I couldn't make myself swim fast and stopped before I was technically finished with what we'd planned to do. I couldn't even keep up with Maggie, or maybe I just didn't want to. And the bike just hurt.

But today is going to be different. I hope, at least.

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