Monday, January 18, 2010

Wrong side of the bed

I had every intention of doing 2 workouts today (well, not really, but I can keep telling myself that), but I didn't wake up in the happiest mood. And by that I mean I was rudely awakened by my roommate calling my phone from the living room asking if I was up. Really? Her reasoning: "If you didn't want to wake up then you wouldn't have answered the phone." Umm, if I didn't want to wake up then I would be SLEEPING, which is exactly what I was doing when you called. Am I being unreasonable to want to sleep til whenever I want? Maybe. I dunno.

Anywhos, now I'm pissed and, to grossly exaggerate, my whole day is ruined. That's how it works with me and waking up in not-so-favorable conditions. Hmf.

I really do have to make up a run and swim workout today. But, like I mentioned before, my heart is not in this triathlon. I have no desire to do anything, let alone blow all the money to go out to Vegas to get this thing accomplished. Why can't we do a Colorado one a few weeks later? It'll be so much cheaper (and I can keep putting off the training).

Oh well, I should just stop complaining and do something since all this is doing is getting me even madder and less-motivated.

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