Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Made the move

I've finally made the move to this place after spending all last night making it all pretty. Apparently my knowledge of HTML is very rudimentary but I can still get things changed and all that. Now that everything's all set here, I can start blogging about this weight-loss thing that I've started over and over again so many times and still gotten nowhere.

I'm still in California visiting the folks and for the first time ever, I think I should've gone back to Colorado rather than staying here for this extra week. Our triathlon training was supposed to start a week ago and I haven't done anything. A major part of that is my laziness, but spraining my ankle the day before New Year's really didn't help, considering the run is the part I'm most concerned about. I figure I can swim and bike ok, but running is going to be very difficult.

This triathlon is really starting to come up fast.

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