Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life is good :)

This week has been really active and stressful for me. Ay ay ay. I could write a novel. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I've been really serious about food logging and GWF stuff. I've also tried to do some strenuous activity everyday, partly because I really need to get my butt into gear for this triathlon, but also because I'm just sick and tired of being fat!

I've been really good, too, about what I put into my mouth. Since Sunday (I know, not that long, but I've just really started...again), I've kept my calorie intake below 1800 calories, with the exception of last night, but that's a different story that I'll mention later. AND I've had at least a 500 calorie deficit every day (again, except for yesterday). So this is awesome!

I went snowboarding today and somehow managed to be on the slopes until 4 pm. That NEVER happens. But I was so dog-tired at the end that I don't think I'll attempt that again. However, it was a perfect day and restored my love of being in the mountains. Last season, I was so over snowboarding that I didn't even want to get a pass this year. But finally I decided that if I didn't, I'd regret it, so I caved and forked over the money. Not only was it a great idea happiness-wise, but also weight-loss-wise since now, at 10:54 pm, I've burned 3810 calories. The day's not even over yet! And having only eaten 1709, I have an over 2000 calorie deficit. It may even be too big, but I wasn't about to stuff myself after working so hard all day. (I even turned down the chips and cookies at lunch in the lodge!) The deficit can also be attributed to Irish dance class, but that was only 250 and for an hour, so it's mostly snowboarding.

I'm pretty sure my perfect day had a lot to do with the mountain, which I'd never snowboarded before. The runs were perfectly steep and groomed, the weather was amazing, and it was just generally awesome. My only gripe is that my friends decided to climb up this hill for some better powder. Eww. I totally was not feeling the climb (at 11,500 feet!), so I thought the ride down would make up for my misery. NOPE! I fell and got buried in the powder, so I couldn't get up. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn't getting anywhere (I'm pretty sure some significant calorie burn happened then). At one point I was willing to throw myself at a tree so Ski Patrol could whisk me away, but I finally unburied myself and got down to the bottom of the run, praying that the next stop would be the lodge. I was so drained!

Anywhos, that's that. I got home, went to Irish dancing class (the first one of the session), and realized that a long, hilly bike ride + a full day of snowboarding should NEVER be followed by Irish dancing. Ouch. I'm going to feel it tomorrow.

Back to yesterday...
A friend is visiting for the week and yesterday we decided to hang out, have some beers, and play board games. Of course "some" beers turned into 5 beers and my will-power greatly diminished and I ended up stuffing my face with Cheez-Its and corn bread. Oy. And that is how I ate over 3000 calories yesterday. Epic fail! But I figure with all the hard work I've been putting in, one night of having fun and letting loose is not going to kill me.

I'd been wanting to weigh myself in the last couple of days, but I'd always forgotten to in the morning, essentially putting if off to the next day. Well, I remembered this morning, but because of all the water weight from the beer binge the night before, I was up a pound. Eww. I know that's not accurate because when I weighed myself two nights before, I was down a pound (at the end of the day!) so I have to wait for all this alcohol to leave my system before I can get an accurate weight. Unfortunately, tomorrow we're going to a concert, so Saturday's weigh-in is also tainted. Maybe my body can recover in two days and tomorrow will be good. Hopefully. I haven't looked that closely into how fast my body processes alcohol water weight. Now's a great time to start, though.

Ok, I'm rambling. I think I've covered all the topics I wanted to talk about and then some. Sorry for all the technical and detailed calorie mumbojumbo, but I'm really proud of myself and wanted to jot it down somewhere.

One last thing...
The one thing that I've been slacking on is the triathlon training, and that's also the one thing that I can't afford to be slacking on. Today was supposed to be a run day, but after the day's activities, I'm pooped. Maybe I can double up my workouts tomorrow by making up the running bit and doing the swimming as scheduled. The only real problem is that I've been putting off running for months now and it just so happens that the day that I go snowboarding is the day a run is scheduled. Coincidence? I think not!

Since I was gone all day, my roommate who I'm supposed to run the triathlon with in April, got in a huge workout, both running and swimming, even though she didn't have to do the swim part today. I'm super jealous because she's already in better shape than me (and much skinnier so she has less weight to carry around) and now she's getting extra workouts in. And I don't even wanna run this damn thing! I mean, I do wanna do the tri, but not this particular one. It's SUPER hilly (this guy who's a coach and major veteran said it's tough but doable...not something I wanna hear for my first attempt as couch potato to triathlete) and I'm so not prepared. I went on a bike ride the other day, rather flat and nothing compared to what we'll be facing in Vegas, and my average speed was 10.1 mph. At that rate, it's going to take me 2.5 hours to do the bike portion alone. That doesn't include the swim or the equally hilly 6.2-mile run. I keep telling her this but she says that I should stop looking at the posts and elevation profiles and just do it. Umm...I'm being realistic here. There is no way in hell I'll be able to finish this thing and I'm not about to go out there and fail. So that's been a sort of spat that has hampered my progress. My heart's just not in it and so I have no desire to even train. Ay ay ay. The stress...

I said I'd finish up about 3 paragraphs ago, so night!

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