Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've been pretty bad about working out/getting my exercise in every day. I definitely need to improve on that, as well as feeding myself properly. Although I've been getting calorie deficits practically daily, it's not the healthy way, so I need to work on that. I've been trying to make myself plan my meals for the week, but I keep putting that off til later and either eating out or reheating frozen foods. And that's just not gonna work for me. Another problem is when I go out and drink, I have a lot. For example, on Friday I had 8 beers or something? Granted, we started with Happy Hour at 5:30 and didn't finish til well past midnight, but still. That needs to stop for weight-loss reasons as well as my general health. I have been pretty good about only drinking once a week, so I'm glad that has improved. Yay for small victories!

Other than that, I think I'm going to change my weigh-in days to Wednesdays. Weekends are bad because I inevitably go out and then retain water/alcohol weight for a couple of days, which throws off my weigh-in. But Wednesdays should be far enough removed from weekend nights out, and not far into the week, that the likelihood of my drinking affecting my weight should be fairly small, at least compared to what it is now with Saturday weigh-ins.

That's all for now, I think. Tomorrow is a football day, with the two play-off games going on. I'm really only interested in watching one of them, so maybe during the other I'll got out for a run. I still haven't decided which week to start with for C210K, since I'm pretty sure the first one is too easy, so it's looking like week 3 for me. I'm so OCD with this that I feel like I have to have everything planned out for the whole program before I even start at the beginning, same goes for food planning. Like, if I don't plan my meals for the whole week then I definitely can't cook up something today because it's not on the plan and therefore it'll throw everything off. And that always holds me back. So I should just wing it for now, and adjust later.

Ok, off to bed.

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