Saturday, January 9, 2010

Disgust seems to be a pattern here...

I finally went to RoadRunner Sports to get my feet and run checked out in order to get good running shoes. I was never a big believer in getting fitted for shoes, thinking anything that fits my wide foot is good enough to buy, until my Achilles tendon was too sore to walk in the mornings after racquetball. That kinda opened my eyes. And now that I've committed to this triathlon (what was I thinking?!), I figure I'll be running a lot and and will need to get something that's supportive and pain free, hence the trip to Shoe Dog.

Anywhos, the process is kinda cool in that they look at how you push off when you're walking as well as studying your run frame-by-frame as you exercise on a treadmill. It was nice to get all that info, EXCEPT when I saw my fatty calves jiggling in slow-motion on the big screen. Man, was that embarrassing. It was almost as bad as running on that treadmill and hearing the echoes of it creaking and groaning throughout the store. Maybe I'm over sensitive when it comes to my weight, but really, that's wake-up call number 2 in just as many days.

You'd think I'd do something about this since I'm constantly embarrassed about being fat. Nope. I went out to dinner with my parents and stuffed myself with cheese, tortillas, and margaritas. I swear, being home is like a vacation from my diet/healthy lifestyle hopes. I keep telling myself that when I get back to Colorado I'll get back on track because it's easier to monitor what I put into my mouth there. I hope that's really the case.

P.S. We were talking about wetsuits on my triathlon forum thread, and I was voicing my concerns that by being a big girl with wide hips and big boobs (my way of saying I'm overweight without actually saying it) I wouldn't be able to find anything that would fit, especially considering the fact that most triathletes are long and lean. One lady, trying to convince me that there are suits out there for us girls with boobs, responded:
"I'm short and heavier (5'3" and 130 lbs)"
If that's heavy, then I'm screwed!

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