Thursday, January 7, 2010

My mom fits into my jeans!

O. M. G. This has never happened before and it's actually quite embarrassing. My mom has always been way bigger than me and that's always kept me feeling better about myself. "At least I'm not as big as my mom." Not the case anymore. Granted, she's more of an apple shape while I'm a pear, so she's still bigger on top, but to have my butt be as big as my mom's is just plain scary. To give her credit, she's been on a pretty strict diet for the past few months and has lost about 20 lbs., so many props to her. But, it's still unacceptable for me.

I guess that's a huge wake-up call. Like I've said before, in my head I'm a lot skinnier than I actually am and I only see the "real" me when I look in the mirror or glance at pictures. But now, seeing my mom is a daily reminder of how far I've let myself go. And it's scary. So I really need to do something about this.

Of course, by that I mean have hot chocolate milk for breakfast and sit on my couch all day, but still, maybe it'll work as a mindset change. Diet starts on Monday, right?

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