Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy days

Today I finally started the Couch to 10k thing I set out to do about a month ago. I did jump ahead a bit and began with Week 4 since I have some endurance already. Not much, but some. Wow, was it a wake-up call. Running 3 minutes straight was DIFFICULT. I could do it, but I really wanted to quit. By the 6th time, I had to stop for a second to catch my breath, but I did the whole thing and it left me wanting to do more! Whoa. That's not something I expected from myself considering the fact that I HATE running. But this was actually quite pleasant. I know I could've pushed myself harder on the runs and I tried on the last one, but I found myself going back to the comfortable slow jog. I guess it's not that big of a deal since I ran in the first place, but I guess my ultimate goal is to enjoy pushing myself when running, which hasn't been the case here. But I did it, want to keep doing it, and see myself continuing with this C210K program, so mission accomplished!

I also talked to my roommate about pushing back the triathlon, so that's two big hurdles out of the way. She was slightly bummed, I think, but it somewhat made sense to her. She did say that she still wants to do a tri the same weekend that we were supposed to do the Vegas one even if it's on her own, so I said that I'd do a sprint with her around here and she seemed happy with that compromise. I think she wanted to go to Vegas in April, which was part of the reason she was bummed, but money is kind of tight for both of us, so it makes more sense to save up and go in October instead, when there is another tri put on by the same race director. So all is well at home, too.

And my tummy is feeling a lot better. I made my Sicilian Chicken dish, but following instructions gave me way too much chicken (I even triple checked) so I halved it and it was just enough. That was supposed to last me 4 days, but it made it 3 and a half. I was even happy to eat the leftovers. I guess this week is a new me. Weird. So now I have to plan out more dinners since I'm out of ideas.
At Costco we found a scale that was pretty cheap and had BMI and body fat percentage on it, so we started playing with it in the store and finally decided to buy it. It's awesome, BUT it's also 4 lbs off from the scale I have in my room, which happens to be 6 years old and has traveled the world, so I'm not too surprised that it's off. I weighed myself a few times throughout the day, which wasn't that long cuz I woke up at 5 pm. Yeah, you read that right.

Anyways, I don't know which numbers to use now. I like that the new one gives body fat percentage (and that I'm 4 lbs lighter on it), but that totally messes up everything else since I've been weighing myself for years and my handwritten journal has those weights. Same with SparkPeople and my triathlon log book, although the former can probably be easily fixed since I haven't inputted too many weights. I'm most concerned about my GoWear Fit since it uses weight data to calibrate itself and "get to know" me better through calorie deficits and the resulting weight loss. I guess one off reading won't mess with it too much, so I should just go for using the new scale and get some accurate body fat percentage data out of it.

Ok, I have to get to bed since I've been skipping too much Italian class and I'm starting to fall behind. I didn't realize second semester would actually be difficult. Night!

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